Bowers "Riverside Walk" Ballinrobe, Cornmarket Street & The Military Bridge

By Averil Staunton

The Milton Postcards or Milton Series were published by Woolstone Brothers 1902-1933, in England and used a trademark Milton stamp as their symbol. It is suggested that most of them were actually printed in southern Germany.

They were a large publisher of many different card types in many different techniques. Some of their trade names included Artlettes, Bromettes that were used for postcard bookmarks, Bromides, Chromolettes, Glazettes, Glossettes of actresses, Photolettes, and Sellwells. 

Many of their subjects included artist signed cards, comic cards by Fred Buchanan, a naval series including one on the life of Admiral Nelson, real photo and printed view-cards, cut out novelties, and a vast amount of holiday and greeting cards. Many of these cards either cary the words The Milton Post Card or Milton Series.

Photo:Titled Cornmarket Street, Ballinrobe

Titled Cornmarket Street, Ballinrobe

Photo:Titled: The Riverside Walk

Titled: The Riverside Walk

Photo:Titled: The Military Bridge, BAllinrobe

Titled: The Military Bridge, BAllinrobe

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