Ballinrobe's secret wall

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Opposite the Bower's Walk on the River Robe

By Mary Tiernan

This 60 metre long wall by approximately 4 metre high was discovered in 2010 by Tom Tiernan.   Tom spent over 28 hours releasing it from ivy, briars and scrub.  For over 40 years pedestrians on the Bower's Walk had no idea that this secret wall existed.


It was built as a double sided wall.  A stone mason recently priced it at today’s costs and put an estimate of supply and build of €50,000.

Navigation of the Robe River

This wall was built in connection with navigation on the River Robe as a barrier to prevent a landslide into the river from the high embankment at the back of it.  It was to be a mooring and turning point on the river for the barges and rafts that were to deliver goods and materials to and from Galway.  The anchoring pier is visible very close by, with the road leading down to  area known as the Quay Road.


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